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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tuneup Utilities 2014 Review + Serial Key + Patch

Choosing a perfect cleaning tool for PC is a tough task, choose TuneUp Utilities for PC. It is one of the top notch product for PC cleaning available in market. TuneUp Utilities is not a new product, it is created by a 16-year veteran in the field of computers cleaning.

Never heard of TuneUp Utilities? you can try the fully functional software for 15 days trial. When you install the TuneUp Utilities it creates a two shortcuts on the Desktop, one is TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance and TuneUp Utilities 2014.

1-Click Maintenance:

If you want to simply clean-up the PC without much effort, open TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance, it starts cleaning procedure automatically after opening.

When you open the 1-Click Maintenance it thoroughly scans and cleans
  • Clean registry
  • Defragment registry
  • Remove broken shortcuts
  • Clean up windows and programs
  • Clean up browser
  • Optimize system startup and shutdown
  • Defragment hard disk

It will take sometime to thoroughly scan your entire system, upon completing scan it shows the results. To clean all the errors just click on Run Maintenance tab.

TuneUp Utilities:

When you open TuneUp Utilities it shows the Dashboard with brief details of your PC status and issues which needs focus.

The first tab in Dashboard is “Maintenance”, click on the tab it will automatically set schedule Maintenance mode two three days or you can also start it manually.

Next tab in main Dashboard windows is PC Performance, when you click on PC Performance tab it opens a new window for Increase performance profile, you need to answer some following questions like “How is your computer usually connected to the internet?, what criteria should be used to optimize visual effects etc.

Next is PC Health, it simply show the system related issues and it vulnerabilities.

The last option is Rescue Center, it simply undo effects of TuneUp Utilities tasks.

The next section in beside Dashboard is Optimize, this option can reduce lot of system load by disabling programs, disabling startup programs, uninstalling programs, configuring live optimization, registry cleaning, registry defragmentation, shut down and startup optimization and hard disk defragmentation. It also shows the tips below the menu for best system speeds.

Cleanup is designed to gain disk space and delete usage data. It shows the list of tasks to clean system by removing unwanted files and trash.

Fix problems checks the common problems like incorrect icons, hidden taskbar retrieval and management of system present running process.

Personalize can handle the personalization options and behaviours of taskbar, animation and effects, folder options, system elements, file system and appearance of icons. This option is very useful for tweak your system appearance easily.

All Functions area displays the all available tools in TuneUp Utilities in one place. It is a one click stop to tune your system.

Company Say’s

Our brand-new TuneUp Utilities 2014 isn’t just a thorough cleaner, but it also boosts your PC’s performance considerably and saves battery life on laptops, tablets and Ultrabooks™ – thanks to our unique tools, such as Program Deactivator, Turbo Mode, and Economy Mode. In our internal labs, we’ve literally spent weeks running both performance and battery life tests on new PCs to determine the impact and used benchmark tools that are being used at professional IT publications and inside Microsoft
Top New Features in TuneUp Utilities 2014:
  • Disk Cleaner:Wipes junk data to free disk space from 150+ applications (Now including iTunes and Cyberlink PowerDVD 13)
  • Flight Mode:One click turns off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for even longer battery life
  • User Interface:Sleek, new UI with better visibility for all optimization options
  • Duplicate Cleaner:Deletes duplicate fi les that waste valuable space on your hard drive
  • Automatic Cleaning Updates:Regularly increases the number of programs we can clean

It is a perfect tool to tuneup your system performance and improve speeds exceptionally without compromising on features. The main advantage of TuneUp is its clean and intuitive user interface, even a normal person can tweak the system performance using TuneUp.

Serial Key : Download

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