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Friday, January 17, 2014


I am sure many of us are too much dependent on Internet Download Manager a.k.a. IDM. I mainly use it for batch downloading and download streaming videos.

Till yesterday, IDM was working fine with me (of course with fake serial numbers, keygen, crack, patch etc. Which could be found with little effort).

But a few days ago, with the latest update version 6.18 build 7 (released on Nov 09, 2013) Internet Download Manager literally had a breakthrough and crushed all the serial numbers, keygens, cracks, patches. Even if they worked just for a little while, users were prompted every minute reminding,

Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number

I tried re-patching, reinstalling, but this annoying message was persistent. It was so annoying that it keeps popping up until you exit IDM.

Many of the users were experiencing the same problem and the most favorite solution was to edit the“c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” file and setting the address of and similar domains to local host

I didn’t like the above mentioned way and it felt like having a vasectomy instead of just putting on a condom.

The other way is the easiest way. After cracking and patching IDM, just go to the installation folder of IDM “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager” and rename the “IDMGrHlp.exe” to anything you want or just delete it. Done!

Rename the “IDMGrHlp.exe” to anything you want or just delete it

But wait! Every time you run IDM, there would be a new popup box saying “IDM cannot find 1 files that are necessary for browser and system integration. Please reinstall IDM“.

To get rid of it, place anything in that folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager“ and rename it “IDMGrHlp.exe“. I made a copy of the “idmBroker.exe” and renamed it to “IDMGrHlp.exe“.

Make a duplicate of idmBroker.exe and rename it to IDMGrHlp.exe.

No annoying message anymore!!!

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