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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Disable or Remove Ads on Youtube and Other Video Sites

If you are the one who loves to watch the videos on YouTube and other videos site without ads the this article is absolutely for you! yes now you can disable all ads on Youtube and other videos sites.

YOUTUBE almost every one knows about it. Millions of people watch videos online from all over the world.The main source of income for You tube is from ads that appear while your watching videos.They forces the viewers to click the ads by placing them middle of videos.

Normally You tube ads are of two types:

1. Google ads: Ads placed  by google,this depend on the type of video you are watching.mostly you will find popup ads

2.Video ads: In this type of ads we watch add in form of video before the video we want to watch.this cause irritation for viewers.

*keeping this in view we provided the best extensions for your browser to Disable Youtube ads


To block adds while using Google chrome we can use AdBlock plus extension.Adblock is a famous extension used in chrome to disable ads.By using Ad block plus you can disable pop-up ads on you tube and other using these extension you can avoid clicking on cross button on each add.which saves lot of time and also very comfortable.

How to Install Ad Block Plus extension:

  • Click here to get AD Block Plus Extension
  • Then you find screen alert as in below picture then click ADD TO CHROME
  • if you want to see adds on any site you can adjust the seetings by going to top right corner of your browser and adjust there.


Just like ADD block plus for  chrome. FIREFOX also offers extension ADD block plus to disable YOU TUBE pop-up ads.
  • Click here to get AD BLOCK PLUS for fire fox browser
  • By just adding the above extension to your browser you can now disable pop-up ads and video adds  not only on youtube but also on other sites
  • As soon as you download the extension it is get added to your browser.


  • To disable adds in opera browser you can get YOU TUBE ADS FREE 
  • As soon as you download it it will install to your browser and helps you to watch your video by skipping adds.

from the above three extensions it automatically skips the ads and help you to watch your video comfortably and it also helps to skip ads not only in YOUTUBE but also in other sites.

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